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Top 10 Reasons to Use Raised Bed Gardens

There are many reasons to prefer raised bed gardens over in-ground tilling. Feel free to share any of your favorites in the comments section below this post. Here are my top 10:

1) Custom soil

A raised bed gardener is able to create the perfect custom soil environment for each garden bed. This advantage eliminates the problems of dealing with tough Arizona soil and instead allows gardeners to experiment with different soil types. In many places, such as gravel or hard clay areas, the existing ground soil is so poor that it is nearly impossible to garden without custom soil.

2) Clean and organized

Raised beds contain garden activities to a designated area that is easy to keep clean and to trim of weeds. An empty raised bed also looks better in between annual seasons than a tilled area, and it is much easier replant in raised beds than a tilled space. Netting or shades can conveniently affix to the structure, and there are convenient references for maintaining linear rows. Lastly, your garden can hold its position through heavy rain and other weather.

3) Bigger harvest

Raised beds provide soil and organization benefits that help gardeners using square foot gardening techniques boost their yields with closer and more intense planting. Increasing yield means eating more nutritious homegrown vegetables with your family. There are online calculators for determining the estimated yields of plots using specialized soil mixes and other conditions that are easy to produce using a new raised bed plot. Check out the harvest calculator at Landshare Colorado.

4) Convenient height

Taller gardens using raised beds are better for viewing plants and reduce the need to bend over while gardening. This benefit is perfect for gardeners who have frequent back pain. A sturdy stone or wood frame can even serve as a seat or bench for gardeners to rest and enjoy their work.

5) Looks better

A well-built raised bed garden is a beautiful home improvement that adds style to the landscape and displays the pride and results of the gardeners. The defined and stylish features of a raised garden impress friends and make it easy to show others the details of your projects. Many nice restaurants, schools and homes use raised beds near front entryways to welcome and make good impressions on guests.

6) Separate plots

Multiple contained raised beds are perfect for maintaining separate plots with different themes or treatments, which lets gardeners grow different plants and track the success of specific experiments. Different soil and treatment choices let a gardener raised a diverse variety that can include plants which are incompatible using a single bed. This type of arrangement also makes it easier to maintain a separate plot for kids.

7) Easy irrigation

Professionally designed raised beds can easily support built-in irrigation setups and the soil holds moisture well due to the contained environment. Less water is wasted during manual watering because the garden area is concentrated and has a sealed perimeter.

8) Lifestyle symbol

A serious gardener has serious tools. Building a raised bed is a great way to show off your lifestyle and your passion for the activity.

9) Perfect for kids & seniors

Many of the benefits of raised beds are very convenient for young and old gardeners. Kids gain a convenient hobby that isn’t overwhelming, and very young toddlers can easily understand the visually-defined concept of the garden. Elderly gardeners experience reduced back pain and have no need to deal with hard tilling labor.

10) Protection from pets

Dogs and other pets are notorious for trampling garden plants. Raised beds prevent stumbling animals and people from compacting the soil and bulldozing your hard-grown plants.

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