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Picture Perfect Planter

Travis and Stephanie used our free consultation to design the perfect natural stone planter for their Phoenix back yard. The couple had a demanding schedule because of travel plans beginning in early June. We were able to design and complete the project within one week, at a price that was much lower than their expected budget. The natural impressions stone wall is 40′ long and creates a beautiful centerpiece along the bare side of the house (Order this Natural Stone Garden from our catalog). Their 5-year-old son Jessie loves the gardens at his school, so they hope this will become a new platform for his hobby to grow. Stephanie plans to start a large vegetable garden when she returns from her trip. Here are some pictures of the project:

Blog - Raised Bed Natural Stone 1
Blog - Raised Bed Natural Stone 2
Blog - Raised Bed Natural Stone 3
Blog - Raised Bed Natural Stone 4

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