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Herb Garden for Restaurant Chef

The owners of The Mission Restaurant in Old Town Scottsdale recently decided to use gardens to cover and insulate a metal structure near their patio. It is no surprise that nice restaurants are interested in container gardens. Great chefs are often also great gardeners who care for their ingredients from the soil to the kitchen. Personal vegetable gardens yield the best organic produce with the freshest availability. Organic, fresh-picked vegetable and herbs are known to have better taste and nutrients than store-bought counterparts. They can also add to a stylish, sustainable and peaceful atmosphere. Mission’s owners plan to grow trailing rosemary and other ingredients, as well as boosting their existing theme as a serene, high-class establishment with a beautiful outdoor patio. Check out to see how the restaurant stylishly serves modern Latin cuisine in the heart of Old Town Scottsdale. We recommend eating the Mango & Jimaca Salad out on the patio! Here are some photos of the restaurant and our work:

Blog - Herb Garden 4
Blog - Herb Garden 1
Blog - Herb Garden 2
Blog - Herb Garden 3

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